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BT136 transistor 600d

The BT136 Transistor is TRIAC with 4A maximum terminal current. The gate threshold voltage of the BT136 is also very less so can be driven by digital circuits. Since TRIACs are bi-directional switching devices they are commonly used for switching AC applications. So if you looking to switch control (dim, speed control) an AC load that consumes less than 6A with a digital device like microcontroller or microprocessor then BT136 might be the right for you. Manufacturer: WEEN SEMICONDUCTORS Manufacturer Part No: BT136-600D,127 Product Range: BT136 Technical Datasheet: BT136-600D Datasheet  

BTA16-600BRG – 600V 16A Standard Triac Thyristor Through Hole TO-220AB

BTA16-600 is 16 Amp rating Triac. Its Gate trigger voltage is 1.5V and reverse voltage rating is 600V. Its operational temperature range is from -40 to 125 C. Its package is a 3 pin TO-220AB. Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics Manufacturer Part No: BTA16-600BRG Description: Triacs 16 Amp 600 Volt Technical Datasheet: BTA16-600BRG Datasheet

BTA41600B Triac

Part Number: BTA41600B Function: 600V, 41A, Standard Triac Package: TOP 3 Pin Type Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics Datasheet BTA41600B