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Applications SMPS Uninterruptible Power Supply with High Efficiency Synchronous Rectification Circuits with High Frequency and Hard Switched Power Switching Benefits Avalanche, Gate, and Dynamic dv/dt Ruggedness Improvements Avalanche SOA and Fully Characterized Capacitance Improved dV/dt and dI/dt capability for body diodes Halogen-Free, Lead-Free, and RoHS Compliant Through Hole Mounting Style Package/Case: TO-220-3 N-Channel Transistor Polarity The number of channels is one. Vds - Drain-Source Disassembly Voltage: 150 volts 104 A - Id - Continuous Drain Current 9.3 mOhms - Rds On - Drain-Source Resistance Vgs - Gate-Source Voltage: -20 V and 20 V 5 V - Gate-Source Threshold Voltage 77 nC - Qg - Gate Charge - 55 C is the minimum operating temperature. 175 C is the maximum operating temperature. Power Dissipation (Pd): 380 W Enhancement Channel Mode Packaging: Tube DOINGTER brand