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CD4440 / LA4440 6W 2-Channel Audio Power Amplifier IC SIP14H Package

CD4440 / LA4440 is a Stereotype audio amplifier IC with an inbuilt dual channel that enables it for stereo and bridge amplification applications. It gives 6W output in dual mode and 19W in bridge mode. This IC has inbuilt over power protection, small residual noise, good ripple rejection and special feature of pin-to-pin protection.?

ISD1760 Multi-message Single-chip Voice Record Playback IC DIP-28 Package

The ISD1760 is a high quality, fully integrated, single-chip multi-message voice record and playback device ideally suited to a variety of electronic systems.

LM380 2.5-Watt Audio Power Amplifier IC DIP-14 Package

The LM380 is a power audio amplifier for consumer application. In order to hold system cost to a minimum, gain is internally fixed at 34 dB.

LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier IC DIP-8 Package

The LM386 is power amplifier designed for use in low voltage consumer applications. The gain is internally set to 20 to keep external part count low, but the addition of an external resistor and capacitor between pins 1 and 8 will increase the gain to any value from 20 to 200.The inputs are ground referenced while the output automatically biases to one-half the supply voltage.

LM3886 68W High Performance Audio Power Amplifier IC TO-220-11 Package

The LM3886 is a high-performance audio power amplifier capable of delivering 68W of continuous average power to a 4? load and 38W into 8? with 0.1% THD N from 20Hz?20kHz.

TDA2002 8W Hi-Fi Audio Power Amplifier IC TO-220-5 Package

The TDA2002 is a class-B audio power amplifier in a Pentawatt package designed for driving low impedance loads (down to 1.6 ohm). This device provides a high output current capability (up to 3.5A)?and has very low harmonic and crossover distortion.

TDA2030 18W Hi-Fi Audio Power Amplifier IC TO-220-5 Package

The TDA2030 is a monolithic IC in a Pentawatt package intended for use as a low-frequency class-AB amplifier. With VS max = 44 V it is particularly suited for more reliable applications without regulated supply and for 35 W driver circuits using low-cost complementary pairs.