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TIP127 Transistor PNP Power 100V 5A TO-220 Package (Pack of 10)


TIP127 Low voltage PNP power Darlington transistor

The TIP127 Transistor is a silicon PNP Darlington transistor in a TO?220 type package designed for general purpose amplifier and low-speed switching applications. It has a high gain of 1000, a collector continuous current of 5A, and a Collector Emitter voltage of 100V. The base current for TIP127 transistor is about 120mA and the Emitter base voltage is 5V. TIP127 can switch loads up to 60V with a peak current of 8A and a continuous current of 5A. This makes it suitable for medium and high-power electronics like controlling motors, solenoids, or high-power LEDs. You can also check out other Power Transistors from TIP series such as TIP122 Transistor (NPN)